Hennessy and Associates is a wealth management company which believes in providing the same investment opportunities to all our clients regardless of their investment capabilities. We believe in putting the interests of our clients first and in carrying out careful due diligence and thorough research in order to be able to offer our clients unique and exciting investment possibilities. We believe in global diversification and we specialize in finding unique investment opportunities and gaps in the global markets.

Hennessy and Associates is a company which adheres firmly to our fiduciary responsibility, and we believe that client trust is built on the foundations of complete transparency, and we always ensure that all of our clients are made aware of any fees or commissions that they are liable for, as well as any potential conflict of interest in the products that we provide. We adhere to the guidelines which are put in place by the regulatory bodies which are trying to ensure that wealth management firms act in the best interests of their clients.

Hennessy and Associates would like to build long-term client relationships based on honesty trust, and transparency, and we are proud that we take the time to get to know our clients on a personal level so that we can fully understand every client’s unique set of circumstances in order to understand our clients’ financial objectives. We make sure that we work together with our clients in order to structure an appropriate investment strategy and build a tailor-made portfolio. Every financial consultant that works at Hennessy and Associates is dedicated and passionate about what their work and we are proud to serve you.

We take pride in what we do  and we take pleasure in your financial success.


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